Well I woke up Saturday morning and everything is ok. My tatas are still a little perky, there are no extra wrinkles, the scale is in the same place and my interests aren't leaning towards crossword puzzles and kitten sweaters. I'm still a hip chick, but I've officially left my 20's behind me. I am 30!

Thirty years ago my mom was told to go home because she wasn't having labor pains. Not to long after that around 2:15 am, my dad pulled over on the side of Blackman road and delivered me in the front seat of a 1969? Ford Galaxy. Can you believe it. The first people to see me within 5 minutes weren't doctors or nurses, they were my brothers and grandfather.

I can't believe how quickly time goes. From the front seat of a car to now my life has been full and blessed. I've had my ups and downs, flaws, disappointment, experienced loss and pain, had amazing times, gathered a great group of friends, bonded more than I could imagine with all of my families and, well, I've lived the best life I can live in Nashville. Although it's scary to think of how much more quickly 60 will come, I'm looking forward to another 30 years of my life.

For my birthday, I invited all of my amazing peeps and fam to join me for what turned out to be the best party of my life. Although it didn't end quite like I had planned, with Mark getting into a car accident, the party was still quite amazing and I felt so incredibly loved by everyone that came, and that helped. The food was delicious, my dad turned into Bartender Bob, the band, Backlit, tore it up, Uncle Russ helped me rock the photo booth for some memorable photos. To be able to share that night with everyone and to know how much fun they had is all I could have asked for.

Mark is doing well. He was quite shaken up, and I know it could have been worse. I'm so thankful that he's here with me, he's feeling fine and that we still have our car. I want him to know how very much I love him. Mark, thank you for being all that you are for me. Through everything that you and I have been through, we have stuck together for almost 14 years. Thank you for being so awesome about this party and for giving that to me. You wanted it to be so wonderful and I wish that you could have enjoyed it more. I love you and I don't know what I would do without you. I'm so glad you are ok and that you are my hubs.

So, lets hope that from here on, everything about 30 and on is a blessing, and at the very least, the simple expected parts of life. I love you all. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.


Slack Not, Want Not.

So I swear I'm not a slacker. Well at least for the most part. So much has been going on lately that I have barely had time to blink. I have worked on some fun photos, had some busy and interesting freelance projects, launched my website (that I already want to re-design) and, got a new job. My job so far has been awesome. I love the peeps, the atmosphere, the work, and the fact that I don't lounge in pajamas and no makeup all day.

After a year of struggling, floods, car accidents, and just life being turned upside down, I finally feel like everything is falling into place. This year has taught me nothing less than the fact that life is totally not in my control. I love to feel in control. I can't walk out my front door without triple checking to make sure I've unplugged the necessary and securely locked the door. I like to feel on top of things and this past year had me feeling like a bum. I began to realize that where other people see pure luck, circumstances, or whatever non divine thing that can change a life, I didn't. I always knew that there was something out of my control, something bigger, but I always thought I could control it. That is what this hellish year was for me. I nthe end I saw that there was actually a thing called God's timing.

I looked back on how everything filtered through the cracks and tormented me and came to see that it all happened for a reason. There were lessons learned, skills added to my arsenal, confidence built, and faith strengthened. I became more appreciative of the fact that I may be able to control my surroundings, but ultimately my fate is out of my hands. I sit here in this chair and I am so grateful that God saw me, heard me and felt my pain at the time. He already knew, millions of steps before me, what was in store. Like a father who bandages up his child's scraped knees, he knew that the sting would go away, even when he saw my tears.

We all know that life throws you curve balls, but knowing what I know about my life from May 2010 to today, I feel like now, those curves will be a little easier to hit.

My newest ink addition.


Creepy Crawlies

First it started with moles, then lots of bird crap. After that came the box beetles, then the enormous spider crickets. Last week the cicadas started flying and then this guy comes out . . .

I REALLY hope thats the extent of the creepy crawlies around here.


Sydeny is 8 Months!

Little Miss Sydney just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It seems like just yesterday I was taking her 3 month photos. I really enjoyed this shoot. Sydney's grandpa lives out in Nolensville on a big piece of property with horses, a gorgeous creek and tons of lush grass. Such a dream for shooting photos. We put her in a few different outfits, but the tutu and fluffy bow stole my heart. I can't wait until she's walking around for her one year!!

Check out a few of my favorite shots from this little pixie.


Talking Cats.

I'm sure that these have circulated a ton, but I can't help myslef. Being a cat lover, I find these incredibly amusing, not to mention how they capture a cats personality perfectly.


A Little Bit of Country

Most of you who know me, know that country music is not my favorite genre of music. I have a very select few artists that I will listen too, and even at that I only like one or two of their songs. My country movement is definitely more towards country rock or old time banjo type stuff. Think Mumford and Sons here.

Mark came home for lunch the other day and for whatever reason, maybe not paying attention because he was on the phone, he came across the Pure Country Channel. I really kind of fell for these two songs.

I love her style in this video. It's sort of 80's/90's modern mix. She's precious!

Not only do I like this song but I'm in love with this video. I absolutely love stop film effects. I WILL learn how to do this some day. It seriously keeps you completely engaged. Love, love, triple love this video!!


Baby Bella and Fam!

Bella is a California baby who was visiting family so they could be a part of her dedication. When they stepped out of the car I was completely giddy. Her little purple outfit, adorable shoes and full head of hair!! You just wanted to squeeze her she was so cute. I'm so glad that they sought me out for photos while they were in town. Even with the ridiculously unpredictable Tennessee weather, we bared a nip in the air and got some beautiful shots.